I made this picture when my boyfriend left me for another country. This picture is for me, to remember. And that's where sign-language started in my works, without knowing it at the time.

worked on it from 2010 to 2011

this serie was inspired by some little wooden table which I found thrown out to the garbage. I packed and bringed them home, washed and polished them, and thought that I've always liked to make still lifes with meals, so I started doing it. later I realized that something is missing and associated them with tales. I have 7 of it, and I guess it's a fabolous number.

lost ... (I think it's at Faur's yard)

vegyes technika

-in private collection- because I gave it to a friend

used it in: A hullámtanulmány / Study for a wave - 2013

went into a new work >> Three 2011


-in private collection- gave it to a friend

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