Name: Eszter Korcsmár, Kores
born: 27.12.1981.
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I date my art activity from 2000, when I first met the multiplying graphic techniques. My first prints showed my family. I simply took the family photos of events that were important for me and re-wroted them according to my view. In this same tract of time I was engaged in the expression of the blurred nature of the memories, where foreground and background disappears and the figures' and shapes' essence is the same as of their environment. I could successfully formulate these ideas in etching.
By this time I developed a method to use a somehow disturbing background, in which I like to hide my images. I use this disturbing, dotted background to emphasize, that my image is just a fragmental pattern. On the other hand, I'd like to play with the viewer, to search for their own point of view to see the picture. At the moment I use primary colours and scripts on canvas.


2003-2008: Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary. faculty: graphics
2006: membership at the Young Artist Group (FKSE)
in Hungary
2000-2002: Ars Hungarica art school, faculty: graphics

One-man exhibitions:

2007: - Art-Unio Gallery: Panns’ dialogue 
2008: - FKSE 50’: One-day exhibition
2008: SPIRITUSZ Gallery
2009: HUBA Gallery : New generation/Expulsion
2010:  - IF Café  : One-day exhibition
Stopper Gallery – my own Studio : Like in a fable and other stories
2011: Stopper Open Art Studio
2011: Faur Zsófi Gallery, Sign Language / Card games

Group exhibitions:

Hungary, Budapest:
2001: - Studio of Lajos Vajda
- Meander Gallery, close of the year exhibition
- Last Drop Feast, Trafo
2002: - Újlipótváros Club Gallery
- Studio of Lajos Vajda
- Meander Gallery
- National and International Biennal Exhibition of Graphic Art, Miskolc
2005: - MÚ Theatre
2006: - New Members at FKSE
- MÚ Theatre
- II. Articum, Biennal, Szolnok
2007: - Műcsarnok: Exhibition and auction: Get up, Laci!
- Füvészkert: Blossom of cherry trees
- Museum of Transport: Ferrari competition
2008: - XXIV. Graphic Triennal at Miskolc
Degree 08’ at G78Gallery, Sopron
Post Printmaking, Daejeon, South-Korea
2009 : Abstraction at Vérmező, HUBA Gallery
2011 : Street art exhibition, B55 Gallery
2011 : Stopper Studio, with fellow artists
2012 : Summer selection, Faur Zsófi Gallery
2012 : Tradition reconsidered, Ernst Museum
2013 : Derkovits-Now, Kunsthalle Budapest


2007: Erasmus
2008: Scholarship of Rome
2011: Derkovits Scholarship
2013: Derkovits Scholarship
2014: Derkovits Scholarship

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